Broken Moment – Acoustic

Broken Moment by Ethan Thane

— Lyrics–


Words can’t express the endless feelings
If they could be too much to say
Love and hate… almost the same thing
Both make you act in stupid ways

Tired of wasting life on nothing
Without purpose its hard to pretend
Too much time spent in daydreams
Waiting for a god-send


But sometimes… in a broken moment
I look into your eyes and I see
A life — for us worth living
Far away but Baby… still in reach


I’m sorry I don’t know the answers
Hell, the questions I can’t define
I just know something don’t feel right
I feel the veil, but I can’t see the line


You like to tell me I’m crazy
Hear it enough… start to believe
Told the world belongs to the meek
Don’t feel it belongs to me…

Copyright (C) 2017

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